CCTV & IP Surveillance

In an IP surveillance system, an IP camera records video footage and the resulting content is distributed over an IP (Internet protocol) network.

Gates & Barriers

Barrier gates are the ideal solution if you need to control vehicle transit in public parking areas, car parks, private and block of flats entrances, even when the traffic is heavy.

Security Solutions

We are the first choice and by far the largest supplier of security products for homes, housing societies, the banking industry and public institutions..

IT & Networking

We assume ongoing responsibility for managing, monitoring and network support for your infrastructure so that you can keep working on other more important tasks.

Energy Management

"Energy management" is a term that has a number of meanings, but we remainly concerned with the one that relates to saving energy in businesses, public-sector/government organizations, and homes.

Solar Power & Heating

Solar water heating (SWH) is the conversion of sunlight into renewable energy for water heating using a solar thermal collector. Solar water heating systems comprise various technologies that are used worldwide increasingly..

Air Conditioning

We deal in air conditioners that have high level of technological innovation, the focus on today’s Air conditioners has transitioned beyond just heating and cooling capabilities to encompass other features, such as protection and energy efficiency.

Electrical / Lighting

Buy great products from our Electrical & Lighting We supply trade quality DIY and home improvement products.